A Funeral Without A Corpse.

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Croke Park. Field of Tears

Croke Park. Field of Tears

Dublin’s new Lord Mayor, Christy Burke, has succumbed to the will of the nation (or hyperbole, depending on your point of view). Declaring that the Garth Brooks affair ‘feels like a funeral without a corpse.’

Christy is offering to facilitate mediation in some kind of international Mexican stand-off as Enda Kenny, Aiken Promotions, the City Manager and finally Obama and the Mexican Ambassador have become embroiled in the fiasco (we’re not messing).

A nation holds its breath.



  1. this has gone from ‘mildly annoying non news story’ to ‘best thing since father ted’ – somone else said they should put an over-dramaed mini-series together for it – could we bribe the Dublin Community TV guys to give it a shot?

  2. We are becoming a world laughing stock over this farce.

  3. Another time where I just have to say: ‘What the fucking fuck?’

  4. You should hear the rest of the interview! A rather flabbergasted Una O’Hagan succeeds to cut him off before he falls to his knees!! “Please ‘Gareth’ come back. We need you. Ireland needs you…I’m heartbroken..” etc.
    Help us Garth Brooks Kenobi,you’re our only hope!

  5. I cant believe politicians and news people are saying what they are saying with a straight face…its ubelievable a semi washed out old country and western greedy singer refuses to do three concerts for 240,000 x 60€ =14,400,000 because he wants 400000 x 60€ = 24,000,000 and he isnt laughed out of town. ……everyone is in shock because some rich dude cant bully planners into changing their minds and the people of croke park cant be steamrolled ……Ivan Yates a dodgy business man who went abroad to go bankrupt said the benefit of the nation should be more important than the rights of the croke park residents…the same as hitler said about the jews or the israelis are saying about the palestinians…..no wonder he works for newstalk!!!!!!

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