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There she is now. Been to Mosney, read a book.

There she is now. Been to Mosney, read a book.

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Enda’s been shuffling the Cabinet like the captain of the Titanic rearranging the deckchairs. One name pops out of the mire purely because nobody has heard of her, Heather Humphreys the new Minister for Arts.


We did a Google trawl, pretty much nothing. Checked Twitter, no account. Even her own website doesn’t work. Had a look at Dá, she’s had a pretty impressive voting record this year (could well have been out sick etc?

Remember when the Indo went bananas after Ming allegedly missed a day in the Dáil?



  1. Dear old Jimmy will not be a happy camper all he was good for was showing up at fashion shows for a photo op .

  2. She’s listed as asking five questions about ‘arts’ on

    Used to work with Ulster Bank, was manager of a credit union before entering politics, you could look at that two ways, it could signal the bringing a corporate business mind-frame to the arts (ala Thatcher, Regan etc.), or it’s someone who’s not a complete idiot being given the gig.

  3. They may as well have given me that job 😀

  4. “Heather has being playing the piano…” seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

  5. She represents two counties that can barely spake English hai.

  6. Ón gcur síos san, dob ionadh liom dá mbeadh Gaelainn aici.

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