Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Turkey?

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What would everyone’s favorite stuffed Dubliner think of this Garth Brook’s nonsense that sweeps the nation?

Too young to remember? As Garth Brook’s popularity reached a pinnacle in the mid 1990’s, so too did the craze of line dancing among bog trodders and concrete chompers alike.  The threat posed was so great that kiddie’s TV favorite Dustin the Turkey led the forces of good against the boxes of stetsons and buckle grabbers across the land. He held regular warning vigils, recruited a team of spotters and stringers to report on the craze across the nation to a goggle box audience made up of lecture avoiding arts students and the odd ten year old.

Old broadcasts and evidence of his peerless resistance might lie deep down the memory hole of Youtube or lie locked away in the vaults of RTE. It’s too late on a Friday for us to dig them out.  We can only find this proof of his fearless war against country and western muck.

Silly season has arrived a month early and the nation has proofed itself to be a turkey.

Normal service will resume on Monday.


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