Join Our Workers Beer Company Crew At Longitude.

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Last weekend we suffered through the greased up cock rock swagger of the Arctic Monkeys. This week, rabble’s readying itself for more long days in the trenches slopping out pints to the thirsty hordes at Longitude.

The line up is a bit more livable with. This one will be disappearing off on extended cigarette breaks in an attempt to take in Disclosure, John Talabot,  Krystal Klear, Massive Attack, Julio Bashmore and Jackmaster. But forget about that, we need a few extra bodies to help us out at the bar.

Read all about the scheme over at here and email (he’s the hairy one above…) if you are interested.

We’ve been allocated the early shifts on Friday and Sunday, which gives us the chance to clock-out in the afternoon and go on a wobbly one!

Craic will be had.  So it will.


  1. Eric Partridge is this what that chap was talking to us about on mayday

  2. Haha Caoimhe Preston they get their noggins in everywhere!

  3. Is it like job bridge? work for a profitable company for nothing

  4. You still looking for people? What are the shifts like on Sunday?

  5. Paul Kearney Fiona Flood either of you interested?

  6. Lorna Reynolds are your mates still looking for tickets? Work a few hours and then feck off……

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