Gaza Toy Drive.

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There is a Gaza Toy Drive from Ireland, Denmark & the UK in September. You can drop off your gifts at Offside football shop beside the Central Bank, Dublin.

The shop is situated at 4 Fownes St Upper in the basement of Flip, which is the street on the left hand side of the Central Bank.

Offside (formerly Casa Rebelde) has kindly offered storage facilities right in the centre of Dublin. They will be able to provide this Mondays through to Saturdays. The organisers hope to collect everything from the shop in mid to late August.

Here’s the central info from their Facebook page:

“We are collecting new and very good used toys for children in Gaza where high unemployment, blockade by land, sea and air and constant threat of attack makes it impossible for families to provide much needed items for their beloved children’s childhood. Toys are a crucial part of childhood.

Children learn so much from playing with toys. Most of all they learn to feel joy, to play and to share. Concepts such as these will stay with them throughout their life. Having a favourite toy to cherish is beneficial for children, all over the world, no matter where they are from. Help us to get toys and clothes to children in Gaza.

We will let you know from start to finish how our journey goes and we will keep you posted on the joy that the children will experience when they have new toys to play with and clothes to wear.

If you are interested to donate, participate or need further information please contact us on the following numbers: For direct lodgement please transfer funds to:

Eileen Carr Gaza Allied Irish Bank BIC: AIBKIE2D IBAN: IE41AIBK93107111542073.

For PayPal donations please use email account:”

Photos via Gaza Toy Drive.


  1. This is a great idea ..Martin if you can distract them from the shite they are going through for 10 seconds it’s worth it .

  2. It’s dowbtfull we think it is a solution in fairness .

  3. I’m not knocking the idea Miriam. I was merely wondering how it’s possible even with the best of intentions to get through the blockade. People have tried and failed. I wish them the best of luck.

  4. Better send them lots of “toy” guns so !
    Seriously though great campaign anything to possibly cheer them up

  5. Yo Gazza, you should be their mascot!

  6. So the outside world can reach in and give them toys but can’t get them out of there and allow people from decent societies to adopt them?
    It’s like a cruel joke.

  7. My understanding is that it will be dropped off by an American plane – bypasses blockade . Well done everyone.

  8. Is there a timetable of where and when donationa can be made for collection – I only know of london and dublin and edinburgh – which is closest but still over 50 miles away

  9. I can donate my time and effort if you are in need of a driver.

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