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Today the Seanad returns from holiday to discuss the Israeli assault on Gaza and question Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan on the Government’s ‘Record’ in dealing with the ongoing atrocities.

It is expected serious questions will be put to Flanagan about Ireland’s abstention from the UN committee vote for an international commission of inquiry into the Israeli attacks. Ireland’s Ambassador to the UN, Patricia O’Brien had earlier condemned the slaughter saying Irish people were “appalled” at the situation in Gaza, and while Israel had a right to defend its people “this right does not negate the right of others”. She called for an “appropriate investigation into breaches of international law”.

Then Flanagan attacked, from behind the skirts of his department. He defended Ireland’s abstention by claiming Ireland could not support the resolution as it had failed to mention the Hamas attacks on Israel and was “unbalanced, inaccurate and prejudges the outcome of the investigation”.

This is a lie, the Commission will investigate all reports of breaches of human rights in the Occupied Territories including East Jerusalem and this was made clear in it’s guidelines.

Things you can do:

On Saturday, 2nd August at 2pm, a rally will take place starting at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin’s Parnell Square. Those who are shy of politically charged events are encouraged to bring toys for the children of Gaza, they will be collected beforehand for the Gaza Toy Drive. If you can’t make it at that time there are a number of venues including the ‘Offside’ football-clothing shop beside the Central Bank that are accepting donations towards the Toy drive (see here for more info).

There is also a petition (at time of publication this contains 24,000 signatures) asking for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador, Boaz Modai, whose Facebook page has posted racist and hate speech on more than one occasion. You can sign the petition here.


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