#rabbleChoons: Is It Beats Yer Wantin?

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Myles Ni Gangstaleen is back with another roundup of some Irish electronic activity of late…..






BANTUM is treating us to not one but two quality ‘name your price’ singles on his Bandcamp page. His debut album ‘Legion’ blew our collective socks off, so some new activity from this lad is always warmly received. Check out the unreal vocal talents of Eimear O’Donovan and Owensie on ‘Roll Pt.2’. A serious earworm, that one.

Check out ‘Oh My Days / Roll Pt.2 Singles’.





CUINCIU first appeared on my radar with a selection of catchy as feck bootlegs a while back. Now he’s just after droppin’ his ‘Face Facts EP’ on his Bandcamp site. Again he certainly nails the “catchy” buzz for sure, while drawing influences from disco, electro, hip hop, pop and rock. This is also a ‘name your price’ release, so even if you’ve blown all your you-ro’s on yips or seagull-proofing your gaff, then ya can at least grab the EP for nowt.

Check out ‘Face Facts EP’.







Judging by the story behind the sudden release of this 8-track EP, I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that the EP’s title was not what he’d originally planned. Apparently juuuuuuuuust as he was about to do some final tweaking and then mastering, his computer died and took the project files with it. “Well Fuck” would be my response too. But fair fux to the lad for still lashing it out there. His ‘ill eagle’ mixtape from last year is feckin’ amazing and demonstrates his ability to be a catchy little 8-bit bollix who clearly has a flagrant disregard for the word ‘copyright’.

Check out ‘The Well Fuck EP’.







Formerly known as A-FORCE when he was involved with Dublin crews !Kaboogie, Ghetto Quietly, and The Alphabet Set, KOI326 has released his first EP under his new moniker. The ‘Tomorrow EP’ is a very impressive showcase of the dudes influences. From modern jukey beats to shades of the classic sound of the likes of Fela Kuti, and a hefty dosage of the kind of ‘beats-scene’ buzz you’d expect to hear in L.A.’s Low End Theory clubnight. This intrigueing release has us well hyped for what’s coming next from KOI326.

Download the ‘Tomorrow EP’ now.






Before I go any further, this dude recently composed an epic 5-turntable skratch piece entitled ‘The 5th Man’, and enlisted the help of vinyl-manipulating legends Deviant, MyNameIsJohn, Tweek, and Djackulate to perform it live. Mikey Fingers was the fifth man. How badass is that?! Following on from that ultra-impressive feat, he drops ‘Palimpsest’, a hefty 9-track release that even includes live video footage of ‘The 5th Man’. A more limited 7-track version is available for free download if you check the description on the page, but sure, come on like, it’s only a 5er for the whole shebang, and you probably don’t need to have that ‘one last pinteen’ anyways.

Check out ‘Palimpsest’.






Liverpool-based Irish producer SertOne has been exciting the feck outta me since his early work for Belfast label Melted Music. His more juke/footwork/160bpm shit as CL MOONS is top-notch shit too. Buuuuut, when I heard that someone, anyone, was remixing ‘Bipp’ by Sophie (one of THE tunes of last year), I was a tad wary. How fucking wrong I was. Incredible remix, with quality vocal editing work. Hats off to ya, Bosco!

Listen to the ‘Remix of ‘Bipp’ by Sophie’ now.







Deviant is some productive fecker, hence him being a regular feature in these kinda posts. Clerk 5 however is a newbie to our ears, and by jaysus he’s got our attention. This 4-track EP (well, 8 if ya include the instrumentals) is pure fire, start to finish. Clerk 5 bangs out lyrical gems like “I struggle to cope with my demons, but I’m fucked if I don’t tackle ’em head-on, and create a collision” over Deviant’s rowdy head-noddin’ baytz. On that tune they even successfully fuck with a Neil Young tune and manage to make it one of the highlights of the release. If you haven’t already copped this release, get on it quick-shtyles.

Go listen to the ‘Authority Figures EP’ now.







Figured that after all these EPs, albums and remixes, we’d finish off with a nice tasty mix. This one is by Galway-based SECTIONFIVE and is for the Bap To The Future crew who’ve been putting on some unreal events in the G-side over the past while. Great variety of tunes here, and it’s always class to see Irish heads such as Major Grave, MyNameIsJohn & God Knows, and Monto getting dropped alongside big name international heads.

The ‘Carlow To Chicago MIX’ is up on Soundcloud.




Back next week with more aural goodies for ya. G’luck. Mind ye’reselves.


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