The Road To Nowhere.

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Between various rabble crew being on holidays or sessioning it up at Boomtown in Winchester last weekend we’re a bit slow when it comes to blogging and news aggregation right now.

As a result we totally missed this slice of hip hop protest from Captain Moonlight about continued ructions in Kilkenny over the construction of a new road.  Moonlight’s  a rabble favorite and the protest ditty features his usual dogged wit and vocal play as he lacerates the whole project as a “corporate plot straight off the backhand”.

There were three more arrests in protests over the road yesterday and today. In the Irish Examiner video above, Mark Stewart one of the arrested, described how 30 Gardai turned up to escort trucks. Protestors were pushed aside and Mark who got behind police lines was arrested and brought to the station where he was released shortly afterwards.

Protesters have been keeping a colorful 24 hour watch on the construction project from the banks of the river.  With Kilkenny Arts festival kicking off this week there is little sign of this issue dying down.

The full set of Moonlight’s lyrics are on the soundcloud page. Take a look at the #savekilkenny tag on Twitter to stay up to date on local actions.

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