#rabbleChoons: Bitta Monday Music For Yiz

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Myles Ni Gangstaleen is back with another roundup of musical movement on these shores…






This lad knows how to have the craic. Bigtime. His ‘My Friend Jack EP’ from last Summer featured the uplifting anthemic tune ‘Be Alright’. One which sets up camp in your head, and doesn’t leave til the Summer’s over. This most recent EP raises the bar even more so. Produced by SHOW N PROVE, tracks like ‘Big Poppa’ and ‘Time Of Our Life’ are full of beefy beats, sunny 60’s pop-esque loops, witty bars, and the sound of a dude havin’ a feckload of fun.

Check out ‘Poppa Cherry EP’.







Since exploding outta nowhere with his first few tunes a few years back, and gettin’ mad praise offa the likes of Flying Lotus before he’d even done his Leaving Cert, things have been going from strength to strength for Jack Colleran. His debut album is due out next year, but in the meantime he has just dropped a newwie called ‘Santo’. Dark and minimal to begin with, subtle vocals then lead into some tasty bass and a wall of atmospheric noise. Roll on next year. Dyin’ to hear what he’s got up his sleeve for the album.

Check out ‘Santo’.







Well I suppose when you’re making your vinyl debut, you’d wanna give it a savage title. Young Mr. Buckley certainly accomplished that here. ‘Shout Out To All The Weirdos In Rathmines’ is frankly bonkers release from a few months back. Very hard to pin down, cos there’s a lot going on here. Quite the inventive EP indeed.


Check out ‘Shout Out To All The Weirdos In Rathmines EP’.







Wicklow lad Johnny Dillon has been putting out quality analog electronic tunes for a good seven years or so, under the name AUTOMATIC TASTY. Early releases on Irish labels Acroplane Recordings and Lunar Disko have since lead to a string of vinyl and digital output such as the recent acid/electro monster, ‘The Rites of Wrong’ on Wrong Island Communications. If you like what you hear check out his early work. Rakes of it is free to download, cos he’s sound like that.

Check out ‘The Rites Of Wrong’ now.







Recently relocated from Dublin to Berlin, EOMAC gets the ball rolling in his new home with a great live set for Boiler Room. Part dj-set, part his own productions, this one is pure fire. His debut album ‘Spectre’, and it’s title track, have generated a lot of excitement since the release a few months back. Consistently solid reviews, and plenty of radio and dj-set plays. All truly well deserved, as this lad is certainly a very productive fella. You can watch the whole show, or stream/download the full audio from the Boiler Room site.

Check out ‘Eomac – Live At Boiler Room Berlin’.







DIAMOND DAGGER just dropped a new 9-track release on his bandcamp site. You may know Mr. Lynch from his other solo work down the years under the SARSPARILLA moniker. For this new one, ‘Estate Crudele’, he’s on a bit of disco/funk/electro buzz. Check it out. Tis a name-your-price release. His collaboration with Meljoann from late last year was an absolute banger, so get your ears around ‘What’s Your Friend’s Name’ while you’re at it too.

Check out ‘Estate Crudele’.







Time for a mix now. Sure why not. It’s been quite a feckin’ sweet year for MYNAMEISJOHN. He’s been busy, that’s for sure. He followed up his first few solo EPs with a sick collaboration with producer GRAEME S and rapper GOD KNOWS, the ‘Struggle EP’ last Autumn. This year has seen himself and God Knows put out one of the albums of the year, ‘Rusangano/Family’, and tear up a shitload of stages around the country while supporting the likes of Snoop Dogg and BadBadNotGood. His mixes tend to be eclectic affairs, and this bad-boy is no exception.

Check out ‘Whisper Your Secrets To Trees’.







We’re moving away from the electronic side of things for this last one here, and chillin’ the feck out for a while with this beautiful new five track EP from AMANDA FEERY. Quality Irish cassette label Fort Evil Fruit just dropped this experimental and improvisational solo piano release. A digital version is available with the cassette purchase. Get this inta ya.

Listen to ‘Spells From The Ice Age’ now.




Back soon with more aural goodies for ya. G’luck. Mind ye’reselves.

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