#spareChange: Panti On Film.

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We’re serious fans of Panti’s trouble making here at rabble. Blinder Films (The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology, Citadel etc…) are putting together a documentary about the person behind the public figure and they need you to fund it.

A press release that landed in our inbox this morning gave an outline of what’s planned:

“The film builds an in-depth picture of a complex and compelling character through behind-the-scenes footage, archive, music and interviews with friends, peers and protégés. It has also been born out of commitment to the Equal Rights movement in Ireland, and a longing to document the changes that are rapidly occurring. The Queen of Ireland is not just about Panti Bliss the performer, or Rory O’Neill the accidental activist. It is about how one man in a dress has mobilised a nation and an international community to stand up and fight against injustice.  To tell this story, we need your help”

It’s directed by Conor Horgan (One Hundred Mornings, Deep End Dance, The Beholder) and has already been four years in filming with a sense of urgency added around RTE’s #pantigate lunacy and the impending marriage referendum. 

More information can be found over on the indiegogo page.  They have a presence on Facebook and Twitter too.


  1. Are any of the funds going to pay the filmmakers (i.e. producers) I wonder?

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