The Roots Of Rasta Rebellion.

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What do the red, gold and green colours mean to you? If you answered the Carlow GAA team, then this probably isn’t for you. It’s a new BBC radio documentary about the emergence of Rastafarianism.

Presented by British MC Akala, it charts the early influence of pan-Africanism and how rasta spread far beyond religion. Here’s how the descriptor for the first episode puts it:

“In this first part of the series, Akala uncovers the story of Rastafari and its role in replacing the shackles of colonial rule with a forgotten African identity. At first Rastas were deemed the scourge of society, hounded by both the British and Jamaican authorities. But thanks to an explosion of incredible music in the 1970s, the Rastafari message took over the whole island before spreading around the world.”

There is two episodes in total and you can tune in on the BBC iPlayer.


  1. Its stand for love, freedom, you and me, it’s a banner for war and for peace.

  2. Lmfao I thought the dude in the red was Drake.

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