Bath Salt Zombie.

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The back and forths over America’s EDM revolution might make you barf, but all those festivals Seth Troxler slag off have opened up whole new audiences for drugs never mind the more authentic club music he’d rather see crowds crave.

Like anywhere, drugs mean a moral panic – especially when people fear their kids are just a few accidental nose doses away from becoming a bath salt zombie.

This fear is even popping up as the theme of shitty b-movies. Luckily stateside, there are a number of crews stepping up and doing huge amounts of work on harm reduction. Among these is The Bunk Police who we interviewed earlier this year.

Now, another lot are putting together a documentary about just how much shitty synthetics masquerade as MDMA at music gatherings. We’re looking forward to it.

The second trailer has been released and is available for viewing now.  


  1. The documentary is about a guy going to festivals with kits to test what drug users are actually being sold. Dealers will sometimes pass bad quality psychotropics off as Mandy. A guy in the trailer was talking about a girl who ultimately went into a coma and died after taking them.

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