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Famous Seamus and his slightly less famous brother of the family Strut are back in Dublin and mayhem bound with a new show opening at The Fringe next week.

There’s an awful bang of mischief off these eegits. Being the attention seeking loons they are, they’ve organised another one of their Dame Lane raves.  The first one happened last year in Dublin. Speaking of it on his blog, a surprisingly literate Seamus had this to say:

“Our first rave in Dame Lane was an experience of a lifetime. Like minded people came together, we said screw you to convention and left our troubles behind as we jammed into that 1metre wide alleyway to dance like it was 1989. Yes it was dance music, but everyone sang along all the same, ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM, let me hear you say wayo – WAYO!’

Spilling out of that tiny alleyway into a cold November’s evening at 6pm, people sweating and happy with endorphins flowing from the shared experience of nostalgia and just basic good craic, we knew that this was something we not only wanted to do, but needed to do.”

Not content with terrorizing pedestrians in the cobbled streets of Dublin, they went on to organise a take over of what was the grounds of Sir Henry’s in Cork for Culture night in September. They filmed the whole thing and left a rake of video evidence behind for the cops. Bright boys.

Will we be going ourselves? Oh we might stop off for a bit aye. They did offer to whore themselves out for a show in someone’s sitting room during our Fund:it after all.

The event page is over here and you can give the clowns an ego boost by following them on Facebook.


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