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Myles Ni Gangstaleen is back with another roundup of musical goings-on of late…






Liverpool based Irish lad SERT ONE has returned to his CL MOONS moniker for a new release on French label Cosmonostro. The ‘1992 EP’ follows on from ‘Sweekers Volume 1 & 2’ which went down a storm and got praise and plays from the likes of Om Unit, Machinedrum and Slick Shoota. As the man himself puts it, “1992 was me trying to capture the excitement and sounds of early jungle and rave culture into a modern aesthetic of Footwork. I found the two sounds complemented each other beautifully”.

Check out ‘1992 EP’.







SPACES is the solo work of John Flynn, formerly one half of SOLEN. Having been picked up by Bleep Records, the online offshoot of legendary label Warp Records, his debut 4-track EP is now about to drop. This got the heads over at Boiler Room excited, and they are hosting a stream of one of the four tracks on their site. With very little SPACES output to date, it’s hard to know what to expect from the EP, but if live shows are anything to go by, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Check out ‘Apologies’.







DR NOL aka CIGNOL has just dropped a 7-track ‘name your price’ download on his bandcamp site. It’s a compilation of acid/idm tracks he’s made over the last few years, and we’re told that this is only the first of three volumes, so we’ll definitely be looking forward to the rest. This dude has done some unreal stuff in the past, either self-released or on The Alphabet Set label.


Check out ‘Ear Music Volume 1’.







Oh feck yes! New MONTO tunes! After a bit of a break the dude is back with a bang. Four new tunes on his soundcloud page in the past week. There’s a serious bang of fun offa this shit. ‘Dirty South (hushyamouth)’ is the kind of rolling headnodder that wouldn’t sound outta place on a Paul White release. ‘PZ & QZ’ manages to perfectly work a grimey vocal over some very un-grimey sample-based production. And the heft of the breaks on ‘Kush Wave’ and ‘Radio Jingle’ are sure people movin’. Keep ’em comin’ Monto.

Check out ‘September’ now.







Great to see things going well production-wise for this lad lately. BOB from the STANDARD crew has been bangin’ out quality dj sets on a weekly basis on Raidió Na Life for years now, along with MAJOR GRAVE and COLZ. He has recently been getting airplay on Rinse FM from Scratcha DVA, and soon after that he dropped this free download, a collaboration with L1R1. Get it inta ya.

Check out ‘Ugly Display’.







A new video from JAMBO now. This track is taken from his brilliant solo release ‘Intervention’ on ATH CLIATH RECORDS. We previously featured the amazing tune ‘Habitat (feat. WILLA LEE)’ here, and it’s great to see the huge amount of youtube plays these videos have been getting over the past while. Definitely lookin’ forward to more from Jambo. Great voice, savage lyrics.

Check out ‘Intervention’.

Back soon with more aural goodies for ya. G’luck. Mind ye’reselves.


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