The Clash Of The Ash.

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Now We’re Hurling – Episode 1 from DCTV on Vimeo.

Those grassroots media making die hards in Dublin Community TV have just upped this cut of an odd ball TV documentary that combines hurling with hip-hop.

The series follows rabble’s favourite Kilkenny hurling nut Captain Moonlight as he traipses around Dublin’s concrete suburbs puzzling out the capital’s sudden passion for the puck. Along the way, he meets some familiar Dublin rappers and throws down a song with them, visits six clubs and follows the Kevins U-14 team to their Féile final.

As we all know, things went a little bit south for Dublin Community TV when the Broadcasting Authority left them high and dry after a funding round.

John Breslin who directed the three parter had ambitions to smooth out some of the rough but time pressed on. As he told us:

“While some moves were made over the intervening period to give the project the time and resources it deserves to bring it to completion, there comes a time for oddly formatted TV series’ to ‘fly the coop’ before they become too reliant on the teat of stagnancy. Mixed metaphors aside, I’m going to share out episodes 2 & 3 at noon on Sunday and Monday of this, the most monumental of all Hurling weekends.”

This rabbler’s head is pure ignorant of sport and whatever is on this weekend but I’ll be lashing this on after the supper for sure.

Keep on eye on their Vimeo channel for the rest of Moonlight’s sliothar chasing shenanigans.


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