How Far Does €9.60 Really Go?

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People have started to share photos of receipts for €9.60 or less to highlight just how little a child in direct provision is expected to live on.

The Irish Refugee council are doing trojan work to highlight the realities of institutional living. This is their latest creative challenge to the public and a solid pop at myths around asylum seeking spongers taking over our shores. They are asking people to post or tweet photos, receipts or stories with the hashtag #DPallowance.

Let’s see how far you can stretch yours.




  1. I just went through the pile of receipts in my wallet. None of them are even that low. Direct provision is like an open prison but for no crime, so so so wrong, on every level. I’ve known people living in those conditions, and they are subject to the opposite of everything we claim to be as a civilised country.

  2. Think I’ll do this with my youth group tonight!! We did something similar for one world Week last year and it did make them think.

  3. Take the End DP challenge – try to live on €19.10 for a week, excl food. Tweet about it to #EndDP #DPallowance

  4. Most these asylum seekers, are not even living in the accomadation provided they are rentin with rent allowance they are claiming in a fake name with fake Id’s and dole in a fake name and they do it in different counties to not get caught, and they work cash in hand!!

    1. So you have met “most” asylum seekers then yes and witnessed this? In fairness its the only way your sweeping generalisation holds any validity.

    2. Asylum seekers cannot leave the country, even if they wanted to. Maybe you need to read up a bit in what an asylum seeker is?

  5. Even if you did buy spuds there’s nowhere to cook them. Most kids get more pocket money than this

  6. Free shelter, free food, medical card and €9.60 cash + Car allowance, petrol allowance. Whats the problem here??

    1. Would you like to raise your family in over–crowded “hotels” with no right to work and absolutely appalling food, no opportunity to make a life for yourself and no chance for your kids to go to university? Many families share just one room and have been trapped in the system for anything from 4 to 8 years. The vast majority don’t want “free shelter, free food…” they want to work and provide for their families. That’s the problem. It is an open prison designed to humiliate and demoralise the inmates. Why wouldn’t you find that totally unacceptable for fellow humans to be treated that way?

  7. I would blame them for all that now in fairness, global warming? If you believe in that is being caused by ‘ppl’ as in the human race, recession-we wont go there, receding hairline that is just bad luck, Jr and jfk come on they are in Ireland and don’t think they have time machines, if they did then they wouldn’t be seeking ‘asylum’ would they?

  8. Actually down off your high horse there buddy I do know because I was married to one so stick that in your juice box and suck it!

  9. Hah most of the foreigners in this country are living better than myself and I was born and raised here by irish parents btw! I’m sorry but yes they have come here by choice because they get everything paid for including a medical card but yet the actual people of Ireland can barley get by loosing there homes and saving up for weeks on end to bring the kids on one decent day out! Or what about all the irish that had to leave to make a decent life for their IRISH family’s! There not in other country’s taking money for free there over there busting their balls to make it!

    1. The majority of people in direct provision are not here by choice, they’ve had to flee their home countries because of war, famine, etc. A lot of them are treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to being raped/tortured/beaten. They have come to Ireland first and foremost to keep their family safe and then to try to rebuild their broken lives. The point about direct provision is that it isn’t the dole: they are not given cash because they cannot find work, they are *not allowed* to even look for work. They are given an inhumane amount to live off while being squeezed into cramped, dirty living conditions and being denied the most basic human rights, not even being allowed to cook for their own families. In these conditions it is easy to fall into a state of depression and anxiety, dozens of innocent families forced to live together in an open prison would take its toll on anyone’s mental health.
      I wouldn’t be too proud about being Irish in times like these, it’s problematic to see everything in terms of nationality, why can’t we all just learn to take care of each other?

  10. That’s about all I’ve left after I pay my rent and but groceries every week

  11. A friend of mine who is 21 years old got paid 58 euro last week! 58 euro to do her the week! Do u think she has somwhere to go and wash and feed herself for free? No she doesn’t! She is expected to pay rent electric gas food clothing on that all while she’s in college so thers the costs for that aswell! She’s irish she should be looked after before foreigners coming into the county!

  12. Ireland. The land of a thousand welcomes. But don’t try get any help off us ! We will drink and smoke and sing songs of the poor irish who travelled far and wide for work. Because God knows, had the American or British Government offered any help we would have said NO !! You keep your helping hand. It’s not the government that’s the problem. It’s the racist “what about me” sheep brigade that’s evolved.

  13. No I don’t but if I had to travel to another country for any of the reasons they come up with I certainly wouldn’t give out about what is giving to me free of charge! If I went to any other country I’d go make a living or starve to death! I certainly wouldn’t be getting free accommodation and heath care and everything else!

  14. Yes and what about the irish children who grow up without there daddys around they might see um when their grown up coz he’s off in another country making sure thers a dinner on the table everyday? Because the foreigners are here on the dole feeding them self’s and there kids who are still in their home country! Do u think cabbage if I went of to Poland they’ll pay me each week to feed my child back here? Do u think if I go over to Czech republing that ill be giving a medical card or to an Arab country I’d be given housing?? No I wouldn’t even if I bring my child with me and have another 7 over there I’d still get fuck all handed to me!

  15. A NI court refused to send a direct provision family back to the Republic because they deemed the system and living conditions was not in the best interests of the child. Shame on us.

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