Win More Tickets To The Fringe.

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We have more Fringey freebies to give away today. Three pairs of tickets are up for grabs for three events. All are taking place on Thursday October 11th. So make sure you can go before entering.

The Rest Is Action sets out to remake The Oresteia. For those of you who went mitching during classics, that’s a Greek tragedy looking at the end of the curse on the House of Atreus.  You won’t be winning any table quizzes so.

Advocacy looks at the world of disability support provision in Ireland and was lent a hand by the legendary Rough Magic crew.

The Well Rested Terrorist has probably the best name of any event at the Fringe.  What’s it about? Dunno. But that feater boa in the promo shot makes it all look a little Manic Street Preachery.

We’ve not seen any of these and all we have to go on is their PR. Maybe if you win you can let us know what you thought.

Just take our survey and we’ll pull a name from the hat.   

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