Old Prodigy Bootleg Featuring Ian Paisley MC.

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This is floating around online today. It’s an old bootleg of the b-side of the first Prodigy LP.

It was played on Sunset 107, a Dublin pirate radio station that made its name with shows that banged out rave when it first broke on this isle. He makes some questionable comments about his missus on the cut.

This thread claims somebody associated with the station made it.


  1. I have that on a cassette somewhere, taped from the radio. I don’t think it was ever an official release, rather someone on the station had fun with a sampler.

  2. This is from an earlier tape of some 60 minutes, as a pisstake. From 1985 when I first heard it.

  3. The original is probably the best track they ever put out and didn’t feature on the experience. This is a very bad bootleg whoever did it. Should be deleted from youtube.

  4. That’s Not paisley it’s the equally bigoted Impressionist John Mcblain

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