Stories, Stigma And A Smidgen Of Funding.

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The nation is set to speak with their feet on Saturday and snake through Dublin’s most trod upon tarmac asking the Government once more to wake up, cop on and unlatch itself from the the Church’s cracked leaky nipple and legalise abortion.

There has been a small project counter-acting the silence on abortion alongside these marches for a few years now. This year it has itself a smidgen of funding. The group shares out peoples abortion stories at demos and other pro-choice projects.

This year they are looking for peoples experiences with medical abortions. They aren’t looking for the boohoos or the reams of justifications that are no one else’s business, just for peoples experiences ordering, taking and thoughts thereafter. Also everything is kept anonymous to protect everyone from the possible wrath of backwards legislation in Ireland.

If you fancy breaking stigmas on an A5 piece of paper get in touch with for more information.

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