#ruckusAlert: Trust In The Green.

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Photograph by Sean Healy.

Photograph by Sean Healy.

Trust in the Green in aid of Pieta House is happening again this year, on Saturday 27th of September on the bandstand in Stephens Green.

There will be a feast of music in the park from 10am till 7pm, including MC Soom T from Glasgow, Ras Tinny, The Bionic Rats, Pia Dunne, Kiruu, Mr. Upfull, Revelation Sound System, Noel Sweeney (poetry), Patricia Lohan Ruff Chuff Crew, Djs; King Damai, Sophis D Kate, Tommy Rash.

Here’s some sobering statistics ten people take their own life every week in Ireland, which has the fourth highest suicide rate in Europe. The recently published European Child Safety Alliance report found that Ireland has the highest rate of suicide in young females across Europe and the second highest rate of suicide in young males.

NGOs are trying their best to make things better and fill the gaps in the face of a chronically underfunded and understaffed mental health service, less staff and with promised money diverted elsewhere. Many feel that the government is sorely lacking in any kind of coherent strategy to improve the situation.

The event is free, but Trust in the Green are relying on online donations so if you can spare some money, please donate online.

The event will also be streamed live on www.radioactiveinternational.org so if you can’t make it, tune in.

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