No News Like Old News.

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Doing the rounds on social media ahead of tomorrow’s Irish Water  protests is a Niall O’Connor ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in the Hedild.

It mirrors a piece by ‘Ace reporter’ Ken Foy of the Indo from July in which he hacked up a two year old Garda operation and vomited it onto the page.

The lads are not alone.

‘Operation Aughrim’ is an all-encompassing codeword for what appears to be regular Garda business that is wheeled out every few months for the purposes of filling blank boxes in between house ads and bikini pics.

Since 2012 we’ve seen it described as a special operation targeting “phone thefts” , “violent pickpockets“, “gay bashers”  and mostly fueling race hate against the easiest target – Roma kids, or “wink, wink, migrants” as Ian O’Doherty and the other crime specialists in Denis O’Brien Towers probably call them over pints.




  1. What will all the Irish thieves do now? They can’t compete with these foreign thieves comin over ere!! I say Irish loot for Irish thieves!

  2. ‘violent pickpockets’ – would you not call that mugging? or do they damage your pocket as they nab the cash

  3. That’s in France, and there’s another 4 faces that should be circled.

  4. Linking an article from last year that shows 100 Irish pickpockets arrested and over 600 Romanians arrested considering Romanians make up far less than 1% of the population doesn’t paint a good picture of what has immigrated. Guards should target them.

  5. What’s the point of this other than a go at the Indo and Herald? TL:DR – Herald piece on on-going garda operation. Was previously reported in the Indo. Targets of the operation change.

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