#rabbleChoons: Pre-Ruckus Beats.

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Myles Ni Gangstaleen is back with a selection of new Irish musical malarky. Something to get you in the mood for our #rabbleRuckus this Saturday night perhaps…






Yuss! A new Hands Up Who Wants To Die album. Feck yeah. Currently away on tour (cos if you’ve ever seen these feckers play live, then you’ll know that they really should tour and gig as much as possible!), they teased us with the frankly bonkers video for ‘Dreft’ (link below) and now they’ve dropped the full new album ‘Vega In The Lyre’. Big nasty hefty slabs of noise rock under the shouts of vocalist Barry Lennon. Get this inta ya.

Check out the brilliant video for ‘Dreft’.







Well holy jaysus. Would you listen to THAT like! Fuuuuuuuuck. Imagine hearing that dropped at the right time, in the right setting, through a savage soundsystem. This is the title track from the new Lakker EP ‘Mountain Divide’ which is released this coming Monday on the legendary R&S Records. Not their first release on this badass label either. Dara and Eo have been repeatedly upping their game over the past few years, with consistently brilliant output. Incredible live act too. Lotta minds blown at Lakker gigs, I’m sure.

Check out ‘Mountain Divide’.







Primary Node are two Irish producers, known separately as The Person and Dubh Thrian. This is a taster of what you’ll get from their upcoming debut album on the always-class Acroplane Recordings. The track, ‘You’re The Problem’, is a free download too, so horse it into your hard-drive there. Well worth checking out the 2 members individual work too, by the by. The Person in particular is someone a lot of heads will remember from the many times he gave international guests a run for their money, or even stole the fucking show, at mid 00’s events like the unreal Leechrum gigs and festivals.


Check out ‘You’re The Problem’.







Seems to be a pretty damn productive time for Lady Grew lately. She first appeared on the Irish music radar with some killer vocals for Prince Kong tunes, and some amazing energetic live sets too. A lot of this went on to be released on labels like !Kaboogie and Ghetto Quietly. Now an RTE reality TV show, of all things, has thrust Kate back into the limelight, and with that comes some quality new material. Above is the stream of ‘Slop-Hop’ produced by Prince Kong. More Grew/Kong collab shit on the way, so I’m told. And below is the video and link to free download of another new one.

Check out the video for ‘Hey Lady’.







Jimmy Penguin has been quite the prolific fecker down the years. One of the main heads in Galway’s annual Community Skratch Games, ditto the brilliant net-label Alkalinear, also a member of Vince MackMahon, as well as putting out an absolute shitload of releases, mostly skratch based at first, but these days he’s gotten to grips with ambient, electro, and even gotten to grips with some bangin’ breakcore/d’n’b/hardcore in some sets. Dude won me over from the moment I pressed play on the this one, on account of sampling a badass scene, from a badass film, and working it into the tune’s intro and title perfectly. A great tune, with cuts from Djackulate. Check it out. Can’t wait for this lads new shit. Good man Jimmy.

Check out ‘What’s Your Name (feat. Djackulate)’.







Honestly not too familiar with Kormac myself. One of those “I keep only catching the end of his sets” kinda things. Ya know yerself. But a few months back I heard he’d an album on the way with the likes of Speech Debelle on board, so I was looking forward to checking out the album properly. It’s not out just yet, but this tasty wee video has just arrived, with none other than legendary author/messer Irvine Welsh doing some spoken word malarky over a catchy-as-feck tune. “Don’t give me another screen” he says. Anyone else wish that Mr. Welsh would do more musical collaborations? Be class, wouldn’t it?

Check out his Soundcloud site for more.







Right, well we’ll finish off with an update on a pair of legends that we’ve featured here before, the Galway-based Voids. Their debut EP ‘Begin’ has finally dropped, and with an added bonus of a rake of savage remixes. The Fly High Society label are responsible for this one. 5 brilliant original tracks, and 5 sick remixes, including ones from Irish heads SertOne, Iglooghost, and Lewis James. Stream the album above, and check out their new video below.

Check out the video for ‘Knowing’.




Back soon with more aural goodies for ya. G’luck. Mind ye’reselves.

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