40 Shades Of Ganja.

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Film maker Paul Roban got in touch with us to tell us about his documentary exploring the much maligned Mary Jane in Ireland. It’s up for streaming on Youtube now.

It’s called The 41st Shade and the accompanying blurb on Youtbube sums up the purpose of the project:

“As cannabis becomes more acceptable throughout Europe and North America we need to address the place of this substance in Irish society, not least in terms of its recreational usage but also its medicinal properties which have been known for centuries. So unlike other controlled substances like alcohol and tobacco which cannot claim any medicinal qualities what so ever, we need to confront our tentative relationship with what has been hailed by many as providing a cure for apparently the most incurable illnesses.”

Students For A Sensible Drug policy pop up in it as well. We interviewed them here.


  1. 85% of people I know smoke it-it’s about as dangerous as coffee

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