Red Herring Is A Dish Best Served Cold.

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Pat Rabbitte’s been on the radio harrumphing about water protests, sure that’s what you do when it’s not an election.

Pat was on Morning Ireland laughing at the idea that Irish Water would ever be privatised:

“So, there is no danger, it’s an entire red herring about privatisation of water services. There won’t be any privatisation of water services. No Government with its head screwed on would seek to privatise something as critical as the water supply.”


Well that’s that settled. It’s not like we’ve ever heard a promise from these boys that they’ve gone back on…



But that’s just Labour. Fine Gael are the trustworthy ones. They spoke from the heart to us when Ireland was in the depths of despair in 2011. They gave us the Five Point Plan which promised to…it was definitely something about, was it jobs?

There was one about having a horse outside and then there was something about education we think? Hold on let’s check on that Five Point Pla…oh it’s gone!


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Anyway. If you’ve not swallowed Pat’s red herring have a look at the Right2Water campaign’s list of local marches for November 1st, or stay at home and listen to Marian.

Visit Irish Election Literature for more classics from our ‘public representatives’.


  1. yes, so much for his “leadership qualities”, & that he “led the succesful campaign against water charges” – that`s leaders for you, they appoint themselves as your leader & sell you out, when the opportunity arises. Lesson to be learnt : Be mistrustful of anyone offering their leadership (whether they come from a party with fraternal relations to North Korea, or any other party offering leadership)

  2. I propose using Spartacus as a model for leaderships – when they meet their goals, just nail them to a bit of wood then remember them as great fellows for the rest of history.

  3. Until he got his snout in the trough, then it’s fuck you I’m alright Jack.

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