Don’t Let Him In.

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We finally got round to watching The Babadook last night on the tail end of our Halloween horror binge.

It’s a right gem of a chiller – about a woman alienated from motherhood, beat down with a devastating grief for her husband and becoming possessed by a monster. Critics have clamored to laud the movie but few have picked up on its early origins on Kickstarter.

The team behind it laid out a monochromatic blueprint lifted  from early German expressionist movies and a commitment to avoiding CGI. Film fans can watch Jennifer Kent’s short film Monster, which sketches these techniques and an early creeped out vision of the Babadook on Vimeo.

Stick it on sure but remember once you let him in…



  1. It’s funny cos I was sitting there watching Babadook thinking some of this would look great in black and white. Then again, it could have made the film too stylised and robbed it of its believability. Ya know, establish an ordinary, everyday world and then turn it upside down …. great movie

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