Stark Contrasts In Protest Policing By Gardaí.

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Donaghmede water meter & a video of a Santry Irish Water Protest below.

Alan Lawes of the National Citizens Movement visited the Kepak factory in Clonee, Co.Meath which has been effectively shut down by protesting farmers.

Despite the presence of over 200 protestors and a factory being locked down for 48 hours he was surprised to find only one Garda present and no action being taken against the protestors.

The video highlights a perceived contrast between how a protest orchestrated by a lobby group (such as the IFA) is treated and others such as the Greyhound workers who were dealt with quite physically on their picket.

A more immediate contrast is with the policing of water meter protests, especially in north Dublin as seen above in Donaghmede and Santry.

A new turn over the weekend was the appearance of the Garda Armed Response unit to a Clonmel housing estate water meter protest.


  1. Historically, Police have always been enforcers of selective interests, protectors of selected properties and property legislation. Keeping the peace is just one way of doing this.

  2. How about Stark contrasts in terms of a definition of peaceful protest by protesters.

  3. You’ll also note the farmers haven’t been jostling the guards, in fairness. Can’t be acting like butter wouldn’t melt.

  4. Farmers protested inside supermarkets last December. Started handing out free veg to customers. There were photos in all the papers with no dry shites crying about people having a ‘right to go about their work’.

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