#soapBox: Facing Jail With Nothing Left To Lose.

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Derek Byrne is one of 11 protestors facing a possible custodial sentence tomorrow for breaching High Court orders barring protest blocking Irish Water meter installation.

Tonight he posted a message to supporters on his Facebook page:

“As everyone is well aware myself and 10 others will be in court tomorrow morning to face the wrath of the Government through the corrupt judicial system . Tomorrow we will be supported by 8 of the Edenmore 9.

I’d like to ask anyone else thinking of coming to the court to support us not to but to head to North Dublin and stand with the residents who need the support more than we do. We are grateful for the support but if we are jailed and the metres are installed it will all be in vain. We have seen you all in the court before and we know who you are. When I and the others went to stand with Donna Thompson Griffin in watermill drive we had no idea of how far this would go. It was just a protest , but a protest that has invigorated and brought back a sense of pride not seen in the irish people for years.

Finally we are seeing a change in attitude by the people. People are once again standing as communities and standing shoulder to shoulder. It is this unity that has put the Government on the back foot and it will be this unity that brings this Government down. I have come along way in the last year and have only managed to get there because of the support of my two beautiful children and my family but most importantly the many fantastic men and women I have stood with since we began our journey as a small group In Dublin says no.

I’d be lying if I said being incarcerated doesn’t scare me. As I will be separated from my kids but I began this journey for their future , so there is no backing down now. GMC and the Government should be more afraid of locking me up. When I get out I have lost everything and will have nothing to lose and will be on the streets 24/7 Do your children proud. Get out and shut GMC SIERRA & IRISH WATER DOWN”

Above is the video used as evidence against Derek Byrne in High Court.


  1. Hope justice prevails tomorrow for Derek and the rest of the protestors.

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