Any One For A Game Of Phrogger?

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Battling up Constitution Hell on a bike at rush hour is a right nightmare. Not to be out done, when you reach the top you have the manic hell of Doyle’s Corner to contend with.

It all gets a little Froggr with cars speeding through the lights each time they turn.  Looks like someone is finally doing something to highlight it.

Following on from a discussion in the summer, the gang from Phizfest have been monitoring the lights and the results are kind of astounding. 30 cards breaking the lights in thirty minutes.

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  1. Happens everywhere in Dublin. I see it every day at x of Leeson St and SSG. Drivers seem to think an amber light means speed up not slow down. Only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured

  2. Harold’s X bridge is unreal. every change of lights there’s 3 cars breaking and turning through the junction. There’s already a white bicycle there to mark a death of a cyclist. in 6 years I’ve never seen a Garda there despite constantly asking them.

  3. Interesting! I live in Cork – which has the most ridiculous pedestrian light programming going – and people break lights so often. I was thinking about this while waiting to cross from kid’s after-school on Western Road. You wait up to five minutes for the green man to come on for about 20 seconds. Insane. Yesterday a JCB ploughed right through the green man. I was nearly totalled by an intercity breaking the green man another time. And as much as it pains me as a cyclist – people on bikes. All. The. Time.

    Clearly when people keep doing this someone eventually gets knocked down. I figured the only way to get the message through to cars especially is to carry a tennis or some sort of rubber ball. Something that will not cause damage but cause a massive THUD. And stay frosty – you see someone break the lights, hop the ball off their car.

    I’m sure this will annoy some butthurt drivers who think they are above responsibility – but a person makes a bigger messier thud, so….

  4. King Street North on to Queen St is lethal. Anyone waiting to cross I’d advise giving it five seconds after the green man starts going before stepping out on the road as cars seem to think they have that buffer zone from when their lights go red to when they should actually stop moving

  5. I see cars break reds on a daily basis in Dublin. It’s not the junction it’s the drivers. And of course there’s almost no one enforcing the traffic laws so why should anyone care… Aside from being a safe driver/good citizen.

  6. Pedestrians need a countdown light to cross. A high viz garda should be stationed on the corner.

  7. Doyle’s Corner is lethal – and also Connaught St crossing, my daughter was 2 inches from being mowed down by a taxi driver running the light on Thurs. Her dad is now getting a helmet cam to record the *daily* lights violations on the route to school. Lethal especially for kids who actually trust lights. What systems operate elsewhere to deter this sh1te?

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