New Boss The Same As The Old Boss.

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Not everyone is impressed by the announcement that acting commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan is to replace her predecessor Martin Callinan as boss of the Guards.

In an interview earlier this month with The Journal, Garda whistleblower John Wilson called for her to step down for the race for the position:

“[…] the next Garda Commissioner “must be an outsider with no loyalty to An Garda Siochana and a person who can carry out real meaningful reform.”

Speaking at a Garda Reserve graduation ceremony in Templemore in April the newly-appointed acting Commissioner spoke about change:

“We’ll be working hard on changing the mindset so that we don’t view dissent as disloyalty but rather as an opportunity to improve what we are already good at doing.”

From whistleblowers and witnesses, there has been a catalogue of abuses that has brought the reputation of the Garda Síochana to its lowest in living memory.

With their physical abuse of  protestors finally even making it to mainstream media, thanks to the virality of social media,  the calls for an independent commissioner, not one firmly ensconced for decades behind the thin blue line, are stronger than ever.


  1. what a disgrace i give up on this country fuck the lot of it its corrupt to the core guards and all she a member a fg by any chance emmmmmm

  2. Appearance has no bearing on how well she may or not do her job. Have ye nothing better to say for yourselves?

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