#clubbersCognotes: David Holmes On Acid House.

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Great interview with David Holmes, churned out as part of the Alternative Ulster history project up Norf. They’ve gathered up interviews with some of the musical movers and shakers of the NI scene over the years.

Holmes ran the famous Sugar Sweet club, Orbital wrote the track Belfast, after playing it. In this one he chats the impact of acid house on the city:

“It was the kind of the perfect marriage of this little white pill and this insane music.But it was a very very life changing time for a lot of people I was definitely one of them. I mean it completely changed my life. It was fantastic. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. I remember we all kept on saying this is our late nineteen sixties – it really felt like a revolution.It’s almost like everyone that you’ve ever known, people from like punks, to mods – it was almost like almost the uniforms came off and everybody just got together. Clothes were not at the top of the list – it was like a pair of dungarees, a pair of kickers, ponchoes, T-shirts and baseball hats. You know it was about music and the drugs if I’m gonna be completely honest.

I think you know hear reports were were coming to the end of the Thatcher years, Britain was in complete turmoil. I think acid house came along at such a perfect time, I sort of like to think Belfast deserved it more than most.”

Do a bit of digging on the Northern Ireland Museum Youtube and you’ll find more of these. Give that mix a whirl too. It’s a stomper.

Props to Tiarnán for the tip. Daycent backgrounder on Nordie clubbing here too.



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