#meEJit: Stephen Collins Telling It Like It Isn’t.

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In Today’s Irish Times Stephen Collins, the most dangerous man in Ireland, reports on Enda Kenny’s incoherent ramblings at a book launch.

He manages to cram a delusion into each short paragraph. We took a moment and tore them apart.

“Taoiseach Enda Kenny has defended the Economic Management Council (EMC), saying it played a vital role in enabling the country to avert economic disaster.”

Stephen brushing aside Ireland’s economic disaster as a figment of yer mob mentality. See 23,000 references to the exact phrase “Ireland’s economic disaster” here. I can’t even.

“Speaking at the launch of Political Communication in the Republic of Ireland, edited by Mark O’Brien and Donnacha Ó Beacháin, he referred to the enormous changes in politics and the media since he was first elected to the Dáil 49 years ago.”

That would make Enda, born in 1951, just 14 when he entered the Dáil…we better check his eligibility for that Teacher’s pension he gave up in 2011.

“Stressing the importance of the EMC in enabling the Government to get to grips with important economic issues, he said the Cabinet was still the ultimate decision-making body.”

The Cabinet no longer has a governmental function, here’s Gene Kerrigan.

“The EMC has come in for criticism from some Fine Gael backbench critics of Mr Kenny in recent weeks but the Taoiseach said the structure had proved its worth to the people of Ireland.”

The EMC (or Gang of Four as it’s better described) has proved its worth to Enda, certainly not to the people of Ireland.

“Commenting on the relationship between politicians and the media, Mr Kenny said while politicians used the media they remained highly suspicious of journalists and while journalists were suspicious of politicians they needed access to them for information.”

Nonsense. Ireland’s media and governing elites are two pimples on the same business arse. See Julien Mercille & Henry Silke’s devastating analysis here, if you haven’t already read it.

“Sometimes those involved in the media failed to appreciate the human element in politics, he said.”

Won’t somebody think of the billionaires!


  1. Also declared on UTV news at 10 that we’ve seen a sinister “Trtotskyite” element hijaking the Irish Water Protests

  2. In fairness, he’s reporting enda’s comments, not stating his own opinion there.

  3. How dare the most dangerous man in Ireland report on what Enda Kenny says, the wrecker

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