#rabbleReels: Slimzee Vision.

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This new documentary just landed about grime legend DJ Slimzee. He famously received an ASBO for his pirate radio activities, banning him from any roof above four storeys. Slimzee was central to the establishment of RinseFm and a whole tonne of other shit.

Rollo Jackson’s videography is a bit distracting with your brain “shouting hold the fucking camera steady dude, it’s a music doc not another shit sequel to the Blair bloody Witch” the whole time.  But thankfully,  much like his oral history of jungle Tapecrackers, he can string a good story together.

Under that Vimeo embed is a recording of one of Slimzee’s legendary Sidewinder raves with Dizee Rascal on the mic. Give that Street Beats mix a going over too. It’ll have you running around the block with hype.

Give the documentary a gander over on Vimeo and dig up  Tapecrackers while you are at it.

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