#JobBridge: Maldron Hotels Staff Paid By Taxpayer.

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Dalata Hotel Group are the largest hotel operators in Ireland. With a successful IPO they’ve raised enough to buy out up to 25 hotels so why are they looking to get us to pick up the wages for their Commis Chef?

Because JobBridge, that’s why. Here’s some detail on how deep their pockets are from Bizplus.ie:

“Turnover from operations in the leased hotels and managed hotels has grown strongly in recent years, from €35m in 2011, to €54m in 2012 to €61m in 2013. The operating profit margin before finance costs has improved from 4.4% in 2011 to 8.1% last year.”

Just pay your staff.

We’ve highlighted many abuses of the so called  “internship” programme that is JobBridge. Find more and sign a petition at Scambridge.ie.


  1. What a joke. Publicly subsidised, privately profitable.

  2. Not surprised by this as they are not the only company doing it. The government depts are themselves using interns non-stop!!!!#

  3. Is there a way to report this? Are we entering the new era if slavery?

  4. im sorry but if a company cant stay operational without abusing JobBridge, then they should go out of business. its like picking the laziest kid from a class and paying for them to go to college

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