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Labour Minister Alan Kelly has apologised to Independent TD Mattie McGrath for telling him to “Fuck off!” during the debate on the Water Bill last night.

Kelly had been in the chamber for 7 hours at that stage so most sane people would probably want to roar that at Mattie by then. It came during a day of more chaos as Kelly refused to stand over figures about Irish Water but repeated that they were figures “provided to me”.

TD Stephen Donnelly figured out that not alone will Irish Water not provide conservation (the supposed aim of it’s setup) but will have a net benefit to the state of just €42m.


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Meanwhile this morning Sean Barrett, the notorious Ceann Comhairle, has again suspended a member from the house. This time it’s Roisin Shorthall. And after an hour and ten minutes of shutting down debate he’s off and replaced by Michael Kitt.

Earlier he was accused of “subverting the parliamentary process” by Independent TD Stephen Donnelly when he forced a vote to guillotine debate on yet another flawed section of the Water Bill.


TD Peter Mathews despairingly comments:

“The whole thing is crazy….it doesn’t fool us, it’s an illusion.”

Watch the farce unfold here on Oireachtas TV.


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