UN Troops Fire Live Ammunition On Protestors in Haiti.

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UN Troops on a “stabilisation mission“, believed to be Jordanian, opened fire on protestors in Haiti with tear gas and live ammunition.

The President Michel Martelly has addressed the nation twice in three days and has announced that the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe will resign.

Haiti is treated as a colony by the USA and it has manipulated the politics of the island with the co-operation of the UN. The first coup against him in 1991 was backed by George Bush senior, his son George Bush junior kidnapped and exiled Aristide in 2004.

A Wikileaks documented cable records the meeting of State Department official for the hemisphere, Thomas Shannon, and the head of the UN military mission in Haiti Edmund Mulet, in 2006. It describes their efforts to keep Aristide in exile in South Africa, these efforts included threatening to remove South Africa from the Security Council.

For background see the documentary (above) Aristide and the Endless Revolution – A critically acclaimed documentary by Nicolas Rossier.


  1. Denis O’Brien owns Digicel, the Haitian mobile phone company. Here’s a man who looked at the poorest country on the planet and thought, ‘I can make money off these people’.

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