#rabbleChoons: Deviant & Naive Ted X rabble exclusive download.

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Well, well, well. Xmas has come early for fans of Deviant & Naive Ted. Rabble has wrangled some exclusive sounds, all wrapped up in one tasty little zip file for yiz…

2014 saw Deviant & Naive Ted release a siiiiiiick EP with Clerk 5 (remember that name), and probably oddest of all, a commission to produce the theme song for a bunch of famous Japanese wrestlers to make their entrance to. (I know! Mad shit, isn’t it).

One thing that I fucking love is that no matter how well up to date I am with the output, I can never predict what’s coming next. No clue. Which brings us to this tasty zip file we got for yiz. A string of free soundcloud downloads were very briefly online a few months back. TOO briefly says us. So we had a wee natter, and this is the end result. A compilation of said downloads, along with a few exclusives to sweeten an already sweet deal.

Naive Ted’s ‘The inevitable heel turn’ album will be released in March 2015. With the exception of the bonus tracks, this is material from those sessions. They range from fully fledged songs to rap instrumentals. A few are somewhere in-between.

Just do the old right click save as routine and treat yourselves to the zip.


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