It’s All About The Ass. #SoundsOfSodomy

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When our local Christians start getting excited about children and sodomy it’s usually just before the local PP moves parish, again.

However, with the upcoming (pardon!) referendum on marriage equality you can expect much more anal fixation to be filling your letterbox.

The leaflet (above) was handed to a Wicklow family over the weekend and the response on Twitter is joyous.


The original image via Steven Conlon on Twitter.


  1. In fairness children of same sex couples can still be “exposed” to that. Maybe on the husbands birthday perhaps

  2. Can anyone tell me what the sounds of sodomy are? I have two innocent children and I don’t want to inadvertently expose them to these deviant noises when I’m on the toilet or bending over to pick up a slipper.

  3. No name or organisation linked to it? Bloody cowards.

  4. Yet it’s fine for them to shove their “holy” penises down children’s throats and worse.

  5. Pre-order now, and you’ll get a bonus download, Bootleg Buggery – the Unofficial Remixes!

  6. Muse hit me. Sorry.

    Hello anus, my old friend
    I’ve come to bugger you again
    Lift yourself up to me, sweetly
    I’ll plant my seed in thee, deeply
    And the dim vision of our sin
    In their brains, still remains
    When they hear the sounds of Sodom.

    From crumpled sheets are heard our moans
    By the kids we raise as our own
    Saved from homes both scary and sad
    Now they thrive with papa and dad
    Until they awoke from the crash
    Of our bottle of lube that fell
    Such are the sounds of Sodom

    Bedroom door opened, then they saw
    Papa pounding daddy sore
    “Why are you hurting our daddy?”
    “Get off him now or we will scream”
    We froze in place, could hardly move
    The moment gone, we’d lost our groove
    Betrayed by the sound of Sodom

    “Fuck,” thought I, “no, not again!”
    How do breeders conceive their kids?
    Spike the Kool-Aid with Dramamine?
    Or have them watch the movie screen
    With songs of Disney rising into the night.
    Drowning out the sounds of Sodom

    Oh, we tried we tried to no avail
    Sex that night was doomed to fail
    By that time the kids returned to sleeping
    We lay together individu’ly tweeting
    And updating Facebook with pictures taken earlier that day.
    At a play date.
    iPhone alerts: the new sound of Sodom.

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