Krugman: Your Government Hates You.

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Economist Paul Krugman appeared on BBC’s Newsnight on Tuesday. He spoke about Austerity Europe and agreed with Kevin O’Rourke’s summation that our government is working against our best interests.

Professor Krugman said:

“I talked to some Irish economists. They’re pointing out that the government in Ireland is really acting against the interests of the people of Ireland but in its own interests by saying oh look, we’re good, we’re anti, we’re good on austerity, we’re good on reform. So therefore, the Greeks should do it as well”

Read his take on the successes of austerity politics and his views on Kevin O’Rourke’s analysis here.


  1. He didn’t say that though Rabble. By mis-quoting him you are no better than those employed by Dennis O’Brian to spread propaganda. Disappointingly Hypocritical.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised, I wouldn’t trust a fucking word from the mouth of 99% of them.

  3. Dont have much time for Krugman, mad for the Qe he is being a neo Keynesian etc. Even he does manage to state the bleeding obvious here it might turn the heads of the chattering classes I suppose

  4. Misleading article title. I agree with the sentiment but no need to try and imply he said something that he didn’t actually say,

  5. I appreciate the message the Rabble is trying to get across. I believe it resounds with justice and equity for the people of Ireland, therefore it runs counter to its principles to misquote in order to bag a snazzier headline.

  6. Paul Krugerman is a neoclassical economist was champion of austerity policies, for him to be saying this proves how much we are being rode.

  7. It hates anyone who isnt earning over 100,000..mor than that and youre sailing.

  8. All we do is vote for politicians once every few years. Big business however buys them lunch, gives them theatre tickets, hires their kids, hosts them at sporting events, puts them on Boards of Management and gives them well-paid speaking/conference trips overseas every week. Of course the Government hates us.

  9. He didn’t say that though did he… you’re supposed to be an alternative to the mainstream media Rabble, not a carbon copy of ‘spin’ and made up headlines. Hypocrite, and very disappointing …again.

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