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(Rialto St. earlier. Pic via D8 & D.12 Says No To Water Tax)

Dozens of Gardaí in Dublin 8 this morning to facilitate installation of water meters.

In scenes recognisable throughout Dublin, in working class areas in particular, there was an early morning wave of up to forty Gardaí into Rialto St. in Dublin 8. There are reports of two arrests so far. This comes in the wake of two weeks of early morning arrests, imprisonment of 5 protestors and mass protest at Mountjoy.

A basic point of contrast that gets repeated over and over again is the lack of Garda resources when it comes to responding to street crime or burglary.

While that is traditionally seen as a lazy journalistic cliché, in the last year it has begun to ring true. One headline grabbing attention today was that of a Lucan family whose house was subject to a sustained attack by up to 200 teens who gatecrashed a family birthday party.

The father had a bottle smashed over his head, a knife held to his throat as the teens tore furniture and attempted to steal the TV. Perhaps if he’d phoned to say they were blocking a GMC Sierra van the public order unit would have been down in a shot.

For updates visit the D8 & D12 Says No To Water Tax Facebook page.



  1. Have we reached who is planning and paying for the guards to be there

  2. Yet Seanie Fitzgerald and the €80 hole in Anglo’s books isn’t as important

  3. With the lowest level of police per head of population in the EU, surely a crime or two would go undetected while these FG servants are busy harassing people outside their own homes.

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