Nazi Dancing Girls Gatecrash UKIP Conference

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Ukip Spring Conference - Day 1

According to various websites today, a troupe of Nazi dancing girls and a 16 tonne WWII tank rolled into Margate in Kent, with ‘Springtime for Hitler’ blaring from the turret, to welcome UKIP delegates arriving for their spring party conference.

It turns out that the group were promoting a production of ‘The Producers’ by Mel Brooks, which is on tour in the UK at the moment, but went out of their way to perform one of their dance routines for the UKIP conference attendees.

The show’s producer, Adam Spiegel, is reported as saying:

“We open the UK tour of The Producers next week and Margate seemed a perfect place to start the promotion. I’m disappointed but not entirely surprised to see that Ukip are trying to hitch a publicity ride on the back of the show.”

Photo by Gareth Fuller.,


  1. oh look, its another UKIP smear!
    maybe if we had a decent party like them in Ireland we’d be doing better

  2. This is yet another stunt to prevent third party politics, to the exclusion of democracy and the democratic mandate.

  3. Fair enough, as long as the girls are welcomed back to dress up as a pack of dirty commies when Labour trundle out their ideologically bankrupt manifesto. Keep the horrors of the ‘other’ great holocaust of the Gulags fresh in the punter’s mind I say. After all, what’s good for the Goose step….

  4. I thought this was another Thomas Rainer aka Nachtmahr promo. 😀

  5. “A decent party like this in Ireland ”

    Yes a racist , xenophobic party with no real economic policy other than …. UK is great let’s go it alone ….

    Nah James Michael Walsh … Pretty sure u shud move up north … Plenty of racist parties up there for ya

  6. tanks are awesome, these girls are super hot! Politics aside whoever organised this deserves a pint! 🙂

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