And Jesus Spake Thus: Let No Wedding Invitations Be Gay.

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Beulah Print in Drogheda has refused to print material for a customer who is gay. Using a ‘conscience clause’ excuse the printer, whose name ironically is Hebrew for ‘married’, told long-time customer Jonathan Brennan that they would not print wedding invitations for him.

They say in a Facebook post that they “are committed to standing by our conscience and God’s Word.” 

The dispute is reminiscent of Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland which is being brought to court for refusing to design a Bert & Ernie cake for gay customers. That dispute has led to an “unholy alliance” of fringe Catholics and the DUP who have organised to fight human rights with “Conscience Clause” legislation.

The Christian Right in America has led the way in this obsession with denying basic equality to people of minority and generally it ends in defeat for the conservatives.

Here’s the reaction on the Beulah Print Facebook page:


We carried a post about this whole business a few weeks ago too.


  1. My religion tells me that Christians, Muslims and Jews have no soul and are no better than the lowest worms. I am therefore conscientiously justified in sticking pokers up there asses wherever I cross them

  2. We believe the love of God is extended to all ??? But they disobey God’s love ????? Typical fucking load of shite by religious crackpots. they do not even obey the God they espouse.

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