Art Students Are Revolting.

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NCAD Students are looking to have words with Declan McGonagle, the Director of NCAD today.

So, what’s the background to all this? A student who forwarded the above letter to us said:

“If someone was writing something, a good reference point is this article celebrating the rise in student numbers at the college. The campus has not been extended and staff numbers are down 15% in recent years according to what the director said at a debate regarding the college finances (which have not been audited since 2010) in January, which you can access here  and here. The relevant quote about staff numbers is on page 17. “

Here’s a letter rabble has received sent from NCAD SU to the powers that be detailing more complaints. Read an extract below or download the full thing.


Follow the NCADSU Facebook page and this lot on Twitter for more.


  1. Fair play! NCAD must have a decent students’ union, a rare thing.

    1. We fuckin’ do. Niall and Fiachra are top fucking blokes, gonna be sad to be without them next year.

  2. NCAD is a scam perpetuated by the supposed prestige of being the ‘best’ art school in Ireland. I did Fine Art in Sligo IT and we had no heat, mold everywhere, nowhere near the studio space promised when I applied, took the cantern away. These institutions prey on creative people hoping to live their dreams as their hopes equal easy money. Art degrees like mine are useless anyway I can’t get a job any better than before I went to college and all art-related jobs in Ireland are Jobbridge jobridge jobridge.

  3. You are correct.They are absolutely revolting.In bad need of a wash.

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  5. We need more revolting students. We come last in Irish University priorities.

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