Opus Dei And The No Campaign.

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Fluffybiscuits did a little digging while the No campaigners were climbing lamposts around south Dublin. It looks like the “Mothers And Fathers Matter” shower are backed by Opus Dei.

Ah Opus Dei – in Ireland since the 1940s to remind us that women are basically the Divil incarnate. They’ve been interfering in legislation, blocking reform and trying to haul us back to Franco’s era (or the Spanish Inquisition) with a whiff of cordite ever since. They’re also worth a couple of billion, so those hate-speak anti-single parent posters will keep multiplying until there’s not a lampost free from bigotry in the country.

Anyone who’s been through UCD or any number of other institutions in the last 50 years will be aware of the powerful influence Opus Dei holds along the various corridors of power in Ireland. Why they even pop up when we examine our beloved Iona Institute (and of course, Dominos Pizza).

 The prolife-ration of Mothers And Fathers matters around Donnybrook at the moment could be explained by the local Parish coming under the wing of the Opus Dei in the last decade. Money breeds power.

While a secret society seems laughable (Opus Dei were central to the novels The Da Vinci Code) Senator John Crown spoke previously of their malicious influence on Irish society, particularly when it came to legislating for the X case:

 “I believe that many of the organisations that are most prominent in this campaign in trying to thwart reform will have substantial membership from Opus Dei.”

He said it was time for members of the Oireachtas to be required to declare if they belonged to any secret organisations, such as Opus Dei.

“That is something that should be declared because there are potential conflicts of interest if one believes that one is answering to a higher authority than the parliament of the republic.”We have several examples in history where leaders of this country asked if people should state their allegiance. Garret Fitzgerald [a former taoiseach] once famously asked his cabinet to inform him if they were members of secret organisations, which I think is not a bad idea at all for the whole of the Oireachtas.”

One of the directors of Mothers and Fathers Limited is a Colm Duff. One of the companies Mr. Duff is a director of Lismullin Educational Foundation who provide leadership courses etc.  Who runs their spiritual and doctrinal courses? Why, it’s Opus Dei

Below is the company info:

Colm Duff – DOB 21/03/1967 [DIRECTOR] Number 554748 Inc. Date 18/12/2014 Name Mothers And Fathers Matter Limited Last AR Address 77 SIR JOHN ROGERSON’S QUAY, DUBLIN 2 Next AR 18/06/2015 DIRECTOR Since Status Normal Industry 80.42 Adult And Other Education N.E.C.

Colm Patrick Duff – DOB 21/03/1967 [DIRECTOR] Number 320333 Inc. Date 10/02/2000 Name Fiuntas Centres Limited Last AR 20/05/2014 Address LISMULLIN OFFICE, 44 WESTLAND ROW, DUBLIN 2 Next AR 30/06/2015 DIRECTOR Since Status Normal Industry 80.XX Education Previous Directorships (1)

Colm Patrick Duff – DOB 21/03/1967 [DIRECTOR] Number 262602 Inc. Date 06/03/1997 Name Lismullin Educational Foundation Limited Last AR 30/09/2014 Address 90, FOSTERS AVENUE, MOUNT MERRION, CO. DUBLIN. Next AR 30/09/2015 DIRECTOR Since Status Normal DIRECTOR Until Industry 91.31 Activities Of Religious Organizations

The Irish Times has this report on a bit of a kerfuffle over the mural on Georges St.

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