Do Ya Want Copies Of #Rabble10 Sent To Your Door?

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Righty oh folks, so we’ve done our best getting #rabble10 out as far afield as we could over the past seven days. That usually means it hits the urban centres first and then as people visit Dublin and haul it off it starts showing up in all kinds of places.

We really do rely on readers like you to take bundles and drop them off around your community, chuck em to your friends or leave them wherever’s good.  We can direct you to stock piles of rabble so you can help yourself or send down bundles using a courier so you can get stuck in scattering the seeds of inky inspiration to the winds.

  • For folks in Ireland who just want a copy or two to read or add to their collection, just throw us the cost of the postage and we’ll stick as many as they’ll let us in an envelope.  We can also fling bundles down at a reasonable rate too to stock the local cafe or bar.
  • If you’re across the pond don’t despair. We can send some over to Lahndan or where ever too. Ye can chew it up and use it as spitballs directed at hipsters in Dalston for all we care.  There’s fifty humdingers in each bundle and we can fling in more if you thing they can handle them out foreign. We might even throw in a surprise or two. You know, like a pack of Barry’s tea or even just a few back issues.
  • If you are broke or smashed or whatever and desperately want a copy or a few to sort out your area, just drop us a bell at Wwe won’t ignore you.

Just head over to our BigCartel site and we’ll sort you out.

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