Fup Off Ya Grassholes!

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Waterford City & County Council have passed a bye-law banning bad language in the park.

The council passed the bye-laws last week which include:

“No person shall beg, gamble,use obscene or profane language, behave indecently or cause annoyance.”

…and carry a possible fine of €1,270!

Speaking to BBC News Fine Gael Councillor Lola O’Sullivan said:

“The ‘no cursing’ rule is creating a lot of headlines,” she said. “But that law has come about simply because you might have a group of teenagers who are in the park and are loud and using bad language. “In fact, it might be the only time they use bad language, because they are out of the house. “So we want to put up a sign that says ‘no cursing, no smoking’ among other things. “I know in other cities, including Belfast, they have signs in their parks with a list of rules and regulations. So it’ll be like that.”


Read the full report here.


  1. If “Obscenity” is to be criminalized, I assume that anyone preaching Fine Gael policies in public will be justly prosecuted to the full extent of the law! (And I’m sure that “behaving indecently” will cover attacking disabled people, pensioners, the unemployed, & ordinary workers in order to pay off your super-rich EU speculator friends?”

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