Somethings For The Weekend.

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It’s never too early to start talking about the weekend in the rabble bunkers. This one has us in a tizzy. Trapped with indecision between another night in Tengu or lashings of acid in the Twisted Pepper with Chicago originators Phuture.

The Out To Lunch lads bring some whopper value with another night dripping in taste on Saturday night. Juno Plus had this to say about Sex Tags Mania, a label headed up by their next all night long guest DJ Sottofett:

“The label appeals to vinyl collectors and music nerds for this very reason. It has the ability to play with and twist accepted norms in the production, appearance and promotion of records – its back catalogue, mostly centred around a tight knit cluster of Scandinavian producers, spans house, techno, disco, surf rock, dub reggae, funked out psychedelia, lo-fi experimentalism and more. The label family can roughly be divided thus: the main hub, Sex Tags Mania, is run by DJ Sottofett and his brother DJ Fett Burger, as is off-shoot Sex Tags Amfibia. The relatively new Wania is run by Sotofett alone and Sex Tags UFO is curated by Fett Burger; as Sotofett told Philip Sherburne in 2010: ”Sex Tags itself is not a record label, it’s us two”.

Just around the corner in the Twisted Pepper, mainstays Subject bring over Phuture, one of the first groups to bastardise the 303 synth into the squelching sound that became known as acid. Have a look at that recording from Bloc 2015 above and bear in mind it captures none of the dark terror and dread felt when Spanky first comes out front and does “cocaine voice“.

What to go to? You decide. Realistically, we’ll be earning our keep in a field dishing out pints to crusties who’s dreads have been on the down slide since the last time they saw Manu Chaou in 2006. The things people do for money.


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