#rabbleComps: Dublin’s Rumble In The Jungle. Who Holds The Belt?

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DJ Gazz B2B MarzataQ- Homegrown Jungle Callout Response by

There’s a war going on. All in good spirits as local stalwarts Jungle Boogie and Homegrown Jungle prepare for a night of amen slaughter on Saturday by upping these two fine mixes to the web. Better yet, they’re drafting in you lot to judge em.

DJ Gazz goes back to back with MarzataQ for the Homegrown Jungle lot, while Welfare steps up for the Jungle Bungle lot. What is a Sound Clash you say? Well, we’re not adverse to them in rabble, having hosted our own as a fundraiser some years ago. Basically, it’s a musical battle between rival Sound Systems/crews of DJs and producers.

Each attempting to outdo the other with the strength of their performance, the victor being decided by the dance floor. Crews attempt to win over the crowd with a superior selection, exclusive tracks called dubplates (often with a guest vocal on these tracks bigging them up) as well as various acts of wizardry on the decks.

The tradition emanates from Jamaican Reggae and Dub culture and lives on to this day both in the roots scene and also in relatives like dubstep and jungle.

rabble has two +1s to give away to the night, just tell us who you think holds the belt on the evidence so far and we’ll pick the lucky winners outta the hat on Friday!


  1. Jungle Boogie all the way! Nice mix from Homegrown Jungle but there gonna have to step up there selection!

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