We Live In Limerick.

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Some sci-fi referencing subversives struck in Limerick city earlier in the week. Unused Adshel boxes were taken over to beam out a series of posters using imagery nodding to the 1980’s classic b-movie They Live.

Paul Tarpey sent us the above batch of photographs and reported that:

“Some neglected adshells in Limerick recieved a high end make over referencing the film They Live for a consumerist commentary on public space. The new images were inspired by a longstanding graffitied Celtic Tiger poster of 3 shoppers on Henry St.

Thats the whole project. From one site to another. Possibly the first time one street image used another in this way. The blacked out eyes kicked off the They Live idea and this vid helped too.”


It appears the posters were mounted using a vinyl laminate, literally taking them over. Opening an Adshel shelter isn’t as hard as you think.  Our print loving brethern Strike! magazine ran a smooth anti-cop campaign last year, catching the imagination of London commuters (not to mention the web).  Banksy’s Dismaland even has an area schooling folk in the technique.

Sure do a bit of research there (for academic purposes only of course…) and tell us how you get on with it. 

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