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Two quick things that have come to our attention. Tomorrow’s a day of action on the #refugeecrisis with people planning to gather at famine memorials around the country.

There’s even one at EP with considerable initiative been taken by folks to get ones up and running in their own hoods.  Are there any events in your area? Most likely. And if not, sure head over to Facebook for the main event page on this and you’ll probably find locals up for getting one going with you.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to cop yourself a new tee you could do worse than hit up Offside’s Big Cartel shop that’s knocking out the Fáilte shirt above. All profits from sales go towards the fascinating project.  Think of it as an effort to set up a civil sea rescue service.

Their motivation is entirely blunt:

“The situation is clear: 46.000.000 people worldwide are fleeing. Most of them have no chance of survival or a decent life in their home country. The overland routes to Central Europe are blocked by many border security installations. Hundreds of thousands try to reach the save haven of EU countries in extremely precarious boats across the Mediterranean Sea. EACH YEAR thousands of people, men, women and children perish in this attempt, often drowning within eyeshot of the of safety.

Operation “Mare Nostrum”, which saved more than 130.000 people, was suspended by the EU, to maximize deterrence. Instead, Operation “Triton” was instigated in order to make it more difficult to cross the borders for those who tried anyway.

The German government talks a lot about helping, the CSU would at least likes to help those who do not come “for our money” (the so-called economic migrants). However, proposals about how those in need should get to Germany do not exist. They talk about a “culture of welcome”, whilst Europe closes itself off hermetically. The German Chancellor talks about the cold-heartedness of people, yet condones that children, women and men drown in the Mediterranean while trying to save their lives.”

Read more about them over here and buy your shirt via Big Cartel.





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