Will Irish Water Be Privatised?

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CSO requests removal of privatisation paragraph.

CSO requests removal of privatisation paragraph.

Brendan Ogle of the Right2Water movement believes the CSO requested a paragraph on privatising Irish Water be removed from a Eurostat letter.


The claim in full:


“Right2Water/Right2Change have been contacted today about a story that is breaking tomorrow. In June 2015 Eurostat sent a letter to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) which had a paragraph confirming that the overall plan was to privatise Irish Water.

The CSO however told Eurostat that to leave that position in ‘would not be helpful’ and the paragraph was removed.

This raises serious questions. The CSO are supposed to be a non-political independent body, a ‘bean counter’ if you like, who deal in figures only. Why would a clearly political position to seek and have the real agenda behind Irish Water deleted from a Eurostat letter be taken by the CSO?

Has there been political interference in the CSO?”

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